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McAfee Total Protection 20.0

Protects computers against viruses, malware and spam
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Maintain and optimize the functionality of your system. Scan the drives, folders, and programs for traces of malware, viruses, trojans and other online threats. Set up and strengthen the firewall, filter the spam in email clients, etc. The suite features scheduled scanning options.

When you want protection, you should want it big, solid and yes, total. Our computers are really fragile things, and we have to rely on protective software to cover up all the holes that could let the bad code in. That's why bigger, stronger and more functional versions of antiviruses are released by major companies all the time.

Basically, Total Protection is the extension of McAfee Internet Security and includes all the proper antivirus functions such as detection and containment of trojans, viruses, spyware, rootkits and other malware. It is an antivirus system that uses all the advantages of its lesser relatives in order to secure a user's computer completely. Quarantine is effective and does not intrude into other processes currently run on a PC. The only downside I could find in the standard procedures of virus detection and elimination is the uncomfortably long time it takes to perform a full scan. But when is a full scan really fast?

Total Protection has a great database and identification algorithm, but doesn't stop there. It identifies suspicious IPs, scans for vulnerabilities, blocks pop-ups and malicious ads, provides detailed reports and offers privacy protection in addition to keeping your machine from harm. What I liked the most is the simple and effective File Lock function. You can encrypt your files and keep them in a digital storage with no outside access.

Also, of course, URL and unsafe resource access is blocked effectively. Safe URLs are handled with accuracy, shortening works normal. I didn't get the impression that those standard functions are in any way better here than in McAfee Internet Security, but if it's not worse, I won't complain.

Another thing I liked was the automatic data backup. Total Protection actually has access to a cloud storage, sized about 2GB, to create emergency data backup that would not be affected by anything on a user's PC. One of the most useful ways to utilize cloud technology. Add to that Total Protection's encryption capabilities, and you will get a program that can make you forget about exposure to hostile environments.

Other functions of a McAfee antivirus are also present. Parental lock is in place, Wi-Fi protection works basically the same as in Internet Security. But that's not all Total protection has in store. usually, firewall protection is not a part of a standalone antivirus. But this particular antivirus has it. McAfee's firewall is effective enough, though my experience showed that it is not as advanced as separate firewalls usually offered. However, with a bit of upgrading and adding more complex top-end features, McAfee might make it a lot better, so I would call it a success on their part.

To sum up, if you want the best and most functional McAfee antivirus, you should try Total protection. It has a couple of very cool and useful things to offer. The program has flaws, but the benefits outweigh them, at least, in my opinion.

James Lynch
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  • Built-in firewall
  • Cloud backup storage
  • Data encryption


  • Standard functions are no different from McAfee Internet Security
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